Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We've put together this FAQ to help you better understand how The Base works. If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Before you book your stay

What is coliving and who can apply?

Coliving creates functional environments that enable individuals to live beyond the square meters they would otherwise be limited to in traditional housing formats. We provide you with everything you need in a private setting, and create a shared environment to foster community and fulfill more of your needs, on top. Anyone is encouraged to apply to be a resident with us.

What kind of support can I count on when I move in?

Support is always available at The Base. Be it throughout your booking process, move in experience, maintenance of your private apartment and everyday life at The Base, our teams are here to make your journey as pleasant as possible. If you need additional support on any matter, please contact one of our community managers!

Who can I talk to if I want to learn more about The Base?

Our team is always happy to offer more info. Please contact [email protected] for any questions you do not find answers to on this FAQ.

Can I see the apartment before I move in?

Yes, physical tours are possible. Please contact us at [email protected] to book an appointment. Note that the availability of tours is dependent on the current Covid-19 crisis and the measures implemented by the German government.

The application process

Which documents do I need to apply? How does the application process work?

Should you wish to stay with us less than 3 months, we will only ask for your ID. Should your stay exceed 3 months, in addition to the ID, we will ask for a proof of financial solvency. This proof should be the last 3 payslips you received. If you are starting a new job, you can show us your work contract. Should you not have this proof available, we will increase your deposit from the usual 1.5 months rent, to 2 months rent in order to lock in your security for your stay at The Base.

1.) Choose your length of stay and apartment on our website.
2.) Upload the documents as specified above.
3.) If staying 2 months or longer, schedule a quick 15min screening call with us.
4.) Wait for your application to be reviewed. Should all the previous steps be successfully completed, we will get back to you with a contract for you to review and sign. The review usually takes no longer than 48 hours.
5.) Confirm your booking by sending us a signed copy of the contract.
6.) Get ready to move in!

Note: we will not charge you for anything without your consent. All payments tied to booking your apartment must be made prior to the key being handed over for your apartment.

Your stay with us

Do you have an app for the residents?

Yes. Before you move into The Base, you will gain access to our The Base app so you can fill out your profile, discover other residents, be able to see and register for events and access the community wall to share and exchange with your new community.

Can I use common areas at any time?

Yes. Logically, while we carry out events in the common spaces, it is preferable that you do not use them for personal use but rather to join the ongoing event. We also kindly ask that if you see a common space being cleaned, you allow cleaning staff the space they need to carry out their job. We have numerous spaces which you can access at all times- even if some spaces might be filled by running events, there will always be other shared spaces available for your use. Note: The Base Berlin ONE is a brand new opening. Our team works their magic everyday to create a great homebase for you. Just a heads up! There is a low probability that supply chain issues impact the availability of a few community areas (community kitchen, library, cinema, laundry room and fitness area) in April and May 2023. The usage of our co-working area is guaranteed.

Can I work from your spaces?

Of course. When you live with us, you get access to our coworking space, any other shared space in which you would like to conduct work as well as your own desk in your private apartment. We've thought ahead for you: from comfortable seats, to bookable meeting rooms, to filtered water, tea and coffee and high speed WIFI, your setup to work from home is all included in your rent. Enjoy!

Is the address registration (Anmeldung) possible?

Yes, Anmeldung is possible when moving to The Base for long stays (minimum one month).

Can I receive mail at The Base?

Yes. The address to use to receive mail at The Base is as follows:

[Your name, Apartment number],
c/o The Base Berlin One
Pestalozzistraße 5-8
13187 Berlin

The letterboxes are next to reception.

Do you provide extra services?

We provide sports classes with trainers at an additional fee and made sure to partner with a great café provider and foodtruck providers to offer you a variety of foods right at The Base.

Is there a maintenance team on site to help me with any technical issue?

Of course. Whether it's a broken light bulb or a clogged shower drain, you can count on us and our maintenance team. Simply reach out to your community manager and they will find a speedy solution for you!

Can I invite guests?

A maximum of 2 friends at a time, per person, are allowed at The Base. They must be checked in at reception immediately upon entry into our building. This rule does not apply for community events. They can, however, sign up for our external facing events.

Is there parking on site?

We have a few spaces available for rent. Monthly rate: 100 EUR. Please contact [email protected] to reserve a spot. Additionally, the whole surrounding area around is free of charge for street parking.

What is the security like at The Base?

Your safety will be monitored by our hands on staff as well as video surveillance technology placed where there is most traffic at The Base, namely, the entrance and shared spaces. Note that external guests must be registered at reception upon entry into our building. We ask of all our residents to respect The Bas(e)ics by the letter, to help us maintain a safe and comfortable environment.

What are you doing about Covid-19?

The safety of our residents, team and partners is our primary concern. As our space is not yet open and Covid-19 is ongoing, it is hard to predict which measures will apply at the time of our opening. We are committed to following the advice and restrictions imposed by our government and health authorities and have already taken measures to implement the moment we open, should Covid-19 still be present.

What will we do should Covid-19 still be present?
• Where face to face interactions are to occur with staff and partners (at reception, with our food vendors, etc.) a plastic partition will be installed. We also encourage all residents to pay by contactless card instead of cash.
• We will enforce social distancing measures via signage reminders and ensure that our staff is trained to observe and help maintain the 2 meter distance between our residents.
• The wearing of ffp2 masks will be mandatory everywhere at The Base except for private apartments.
• We will reduce the capacity limits in all our shared spaces.
• We will make hand sanitizer available in all high traffic areas.
• We will increase the frequency of cleaning in all shared spaces.
• We will provide you all the support you need. For instance, should you need to self-isolate, our team will check in on you regularly and help you get your hands on what you need (food, medicine, clean sheets).

As we approach our opening date, we will update you on all the measures to be implemented and what to expect at The base, in line with the status of Covid-19.


What kind of apartments are you offering?

All our apartments are fully furnished private studios ranging in size from 19sqm, 23sqm and 27sqm. Our private apartments all have a kitchenette, bathroom, closet and under bed storage space. You’ll find variations of studios with and without balcony, and larger bathrooms. Some of the furniture is modular to allow for a more flexible use of the private apartment. To ensure you find an apartment that is suited to your needs, please have a close look at our available listings and all their details.

How long can I rent an apartment for?

You may book our apartments from 1 month to 6 months.

Can two people move in to one apartment?

Yes, an extra fee of 200€ monthly applies to cover the additional costs of a second resident.

How often will my apartment be cleaned? What's included in the basic cleaning?

Your apartment will get cleaned twice a month. This includes a cleaning of your bathroom, kitchen sink and stove. Each floor has a communal cleaning cupboard that holds vacuum cleaners, mops and other cleaning devices for you to use. You can book additional cleaning services for a fee - please see the community team for further information.

What about bed linen and towels?

You can exchange your used bed linen and towels for a fresh set once per month at reception. You can book more frequent exchanges as well as a done-for-you-exchange service for a fee - please see the community team for further information.

Is it possible to sublet my apartment?


Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately, our apartments are not pet-friendly.


What does the monthly payment include?

Your monthly rent covers your fully furnished private apartment, all your utility costs (heating, electricity, WIFI), access to 5000sqm of shared spaces, bi-monthly cleaning of your apartment, a monthly change of sheets, and access to our community app and events.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, you must pay a refundable deposit prior to moving in. The deposit due is defined in line with the length of your stay:

• For stays between 1 to 3 months, the deposit required is equal to 1 month's rent.
• For stays above 3 months, the deposit required is equal to 1.5 months' rent.

Note that if you stay longer than 3 months and cannot provide proof of solvency under the format of payslips, the deposit required is equal to 2 months' rent.

When is the monthly payment due?

Your rent is due on the 1st working day of every month via SEPA transfer or credit card.

What is the administration fee?

This one-time fee covers the costs of processing your application and contract, allows us to provide you continuous support, prepare for your arrival¹, check-in and onboarding experience.

The administration fee applies to confirmed bookings only (i.e. when the contract has been signed by both you and The Base). It has to be paid before the apartment is handed over to you.

¹To prepare your apartment to the highest standard, we ensure that the apartment is meticulously cleaned, that we provide fresh and comfortable bedding and make sure your small kitchenette is fully equipped.

Do I have to pay the GEZ?

The GEZ, otherwise known as 'Rundfunkbeitrag', is the mandatory TV tax that applies to all households in Germany. It is not included in the monthly rent. Please ensure that you arrange the payments yourself.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept SEPA transfers or credit card payments for rent payment.

Can I cancel my lease early? What is the notice period?

Our cancellation policy:

  • Free cancellation if you cancel at least 31 days prior to your booking start date.
  • If you cancel later than 31 day prior to your booking start date, 90% of the first monthly payment is due.
  • The admin fee is non-refundable, but can be transferred to future bookings.
  • The deposit will be fully refunded within 30 days of cancellation.

How about early departures?
According to our terms & conditions, you will not receive a refund. Should you wish to leave earlier than planned, please contact our community team to see what we can do.

Anything else

Couldn't find your question?

Your question does not figure on our FAQ? Let's change that. Please contact us at [email protected] so we can answer everything you need to know about our apartments.